What We Offer

If you have circled around different lenders for a mobile phone contract and have turned up empty ended as a result of having bad or no credit rating, what you need is an alternative. You need an alternative, whereby this characteristic of your financial history does not become a problem. This need for an alternative is because mobile phones have engraved a special place in our everyday lives, due to which not having a mobile phone is simply not an option.
What we offer is this alternative you need. At Micma Mobiles, through collaboration with Go Mobile, we bring to you the best no credit check mobile phone contracts that you can find. We offer you:
-100% approval rate, which means that we ensure that at Micma Mobiles, nobody goes home empty-handed.
-A 30 second online application, which saves your time and asks for the very essential information only.
-100% transparency, through which you get exactly what you see – no hidden costs, terms or anything you are unaware of.
-Contracts from UK’s leading 3G and data network provider, Go Mobile, which possesses a staggering 97% UK coverage.
-Unparalleled speed, which we achieve by getting you your contracts on the very same day, without any delay.
-Lastly, a promise of a service that you will not forget, which is something we strive to achieve by being there for you throughout the installment period and beyond.