About Us

We are Micma Mobiles, a recognized name in the industry when it comes to no credit check mobile phone contracts. Our motto is to serve you in a way that makes you feel as if having bad or no credit was never a problem to start with. We do so by bringing to you the very best deals from our partner and the leading 3G and data network provider in the UK – Go Mobile. At Micma Mobiles, you leave your past in the past and get access to a wide range of different mobile phone contracts that you rightly deserve to. From the moment you show interest in our contracts to the moment you have paid all the installments, we take care of you and ensure your time with us was worthwhile. With 100% transparency and acceptance and an online application that takes 30 seconds, we can have your contract on the very same day. This is who we are, this is why there is no place as you should rather be.